Silly Idea Submission Certificate

Congratulations! You possess an extremely rare Silly Idea Submission Certificate! Please read the rules below to submit your idea:

1. Submissions must be appropriate for all ages.
2. Submissions must not be ungodly lengthy.
3. Submissions must not be composed of obscure references that no one besides like four people will get.

Submission Process:
1. Submit your valid idea to the glorious ATW creator in person or through email.
2. Once submitted, your idea must be approved by our board of directors, which consists of several chimpanzees in business attire. (They may not be the most diligent workers, but they’re so cute!)
3. A handsome graphic designer will illustrate your idea.
4. Please allow 1-3 weeks for your submission to appear on the website. We’re only human (besides our board of directors).

Optional: Submissions are encouraged (but not required) to include:
• Humor
• A narrative arc
• Things that are easy to draw
• Orange cream soda being poured on a turtle in the midmorning sun

Best of luck with your submissions!


What do you think?

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