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Cardboard Conundrum

It doesn’t get any better than a cardboard box.
Also, Awkward Turtle World: Now With More Turtles! was downloaded for the 100th time a few days ago! Thanks, ATW supporters!

#142 cardboard sanctuary


Have a Monotreme-Filled New Year!

This year, I resolved to make more resolutions.

#108 New Years 2015

Missed some of Awkward Turtle World in 2014? Click on the buttons to the left to view the archive, or better yet, download the free Awkward Turtle World iBooks collection!

Remember, as of 1/1/14 you can hover over cartoons to view an additional secret message!

Happy New Year!

Now With More Turtles!

Exciting things are happening! A collection of Awkward Turtle World cartoons is available now for free on iBooks! You’ll find a dozen new comics, as well as plenty of the classics. A link to the book is below and in the sidebar.
This ebook is only available on Apple Macs and iPads.

Get your copy here: Awkward Turtle World: Now with more turtles!

Also, enjoy Awkward Turtle World with its snazzy new domain name! Thanks for supporting!